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How Great UI and UX Can Make The Most of Your Cloud Investment

It’s true to say that the cloud delivers a plethora of advantages over the traditional on-prem infrastructure, including powerful performance, great scalability, and cost-effective savings. So it’s not really surprising to see a growing trend of organizations adopting cloud computing every year.

However, while this is true, one can argue that the vast benefits the cloud has to offer, only provide value under the assumption that your applications actually deliver ​good experiences to your end-users.

That’s because your users naturally desire dynamically visualized, easily controlled, and distinctly interactive user interfaces, otherwise known as UI. What’s surprising is that many traditional approaches do not consider UI and UX to be significant elements in the development of applications.

In fact, very few companies invest in adapting UX to better their cloud applications, and that might be problematic.

Integrating user experience into the cloud provides you with a unique opportunity to considerably raise the chances of success of your cloud-based software on the market.Studies have shown that user satisfaction significantly improves with a live, immersive, and synchronous experience.

Hence, it seems simple: applying great UI and UX solutions to the cloud can potentially aid you in attaining a competitive advantage, as well as to generate higher profits in the long term.

So without any further ado, let’s dig into some of the reasons why doing this might as well be one of your greatest business investments.

Improved Productivity & Engagement

It’s fair to say that improving your application design might significantly increase user engagement, simultaneously decreasing errors and user onboarding timeframes.

In addition, it’s important to note that a seamless, intuitive, and logical user flow that a great UX and UI can offer is crucial for an easy-to-use application experience. This is otherwise referred to as ​the flow and user journey.​

Furthermore, increasing the flow and user onboarding can aid in reducing training costs associated with new employees.

Look at it this way: when cloud applications are complex to use, newly hired employees require the assistance of other company staff, which translates into a considerable amount of time. So major improvements in application design might mean a business will have the freedom to either cut or fully eliminate their costs towards third-party trainers.

Of course, applying UI/UX to your applications or re-designing requires upfront costs.However, the possibility of ultimately seeing ongoing yearly returns might make this investment very appealing.

The Significance of UX and UI in Customer Loyalty

There are many factors that affect customer acquisition and loyalty. One of the most overlooked ones is indeed user onboarding. According to ​Quettra​, a mobile application loses 77 percent of its users on an average basis. If for instance, an application is providing free trials, there must be a solid design and structure in place to provide a smooth and engaging user experience. Refining your onboarding design will potentially allow you to increase your user retention and conversion rates.


It’s apparent that an improved user interface and experience is a critical part of cloud application development.

So with the current discussions and increasing trends regarding the importance of cloud based UX/UI, one thing is certain: with the tight competition that the digital age brings us, providing a seamless user experience is no more an option, but rather a necessity.

And really, each organization has an individual approach when it comes to the right UI and UX for its cloud applications. They can range from user-friendly, minimal and simple, to complex and vibrant.

Nevertheless, deciding on the right UX/UI strategy for your cloud application might be a bit overwhelming.

And that’s why we at Prism Cloud Consulting bring our clients ultimate UI and UX solutions for the cloud. We focus on utilizing human-centric design methodologies to enhance user experience while providing unique value to your business.

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